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The setup involves registration and creation of your first chatbot. You decide the image you want to use, the name, the questions and the data that you want to collect. The basic registration includes one custom chatbot and data collection of your leads for one month. The advanced registration includes chatbot template revisions for a year and data collection of your leads for one month. Subscribe for additional services.


The basic monthly plan includes data collection of your leads and three template updates per month of your choosing. The advanced plan includes data collection and distribution to multiple recipients, monitoring the effectiveness of your chatbots and our recommendations, monthly reporting, and all new templates released by the developer and one custom chatbot. The advanced registration includes template revisions for a year.

The first step is to pay to register. You will then be taken to the registration form to get started.

You will also need to select a subscription plan if you want to enjoy the ongoing benefits and support.

Registration Plan