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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions.

How long will it take before our site is live?

Once payment has been made the first step is to research and register your domain name. Once confirmed your DNS (Domain named servers) will be added to our hosting company. Then sample designs will be submitted to you within 48 hours. Then once you have selected a design and submitted the information we need – your logo, photos, contact information, social media links, copy, and google map location your site will be built within forty-eight hours for your approval. Once approved your site content will be added to our hosting company and will then be live.

What is the payment method?

Full payment for the basic plan must be made in advance of any work being done. Due to the nature of the work there are no refunds. Any additional work is done on an hourly contract basis with advance payments as agreed.

The only form of payment we accept right now is PayPal. Accounts are free and you can pay by credit card as well using PayPal. Simply complete the online form and click on the PayPal link and we’ll get to work.

What is the domain name search?

You want your domain name to reflect your business, preferably be a Top Level Domain, like dot com or dot ca and not be too long.

As of the end of last year there are now 360 domain names registered. Dot com is still the most popular but dot ca is growing rapidly now, with close to three million domains registered as dot ca.

Unless you are the owner of a registered trademark you can’t include any of the words in your domain name. The more common your business name is the more likely that it has already been registered. Top Level Domains are the hardest to get because almost every trademark and every generic brand name has already been taken. Think how many BobsPlumbing there are. If we can’t get any version of a TLD for a dot com or there are thousands of extensions available, such as dot info, dot website and many more. They aren’t as common but once you have the domain name and market it people will bookmark your site.

What's included in the design?

The basic package includes a basic three page website – a landing page or home page, an about us page and a contact page.

Depending on the type of business you are and whether you sell products of provide service we research a number of free design templates and submit those to you to see what you like. Once you’ve decided on a theme template you provide the information, such as your logo, contact information, social media links and photos. We then design your site based on the information you provided. Please don’t submit any copyrighted materials unless they belong to you.

In addition to the basic site design we can also work with you to design features that are only limited by your imagination. There are very affordable premium themes available, most less than a hundred dollars. There are now more than ten thousand plugins that add every conceivable feature to your website. We work on an hourly basis at less than half what most designers are charging, mostly because we’ve been doing this for thirty years and we know our stuff.

Still need help? Send us a note!

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