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The first goal is to search for a domain name then when you find one suitable and available to register the domain. The next step is to search for applicable templates for your business from the thousands of free templates that are available. Unfortunately many templates are poorly designed and come with little or no technical support when there are problems. Experience has taught us what to avoid.

The basic package includes a three page site – a Home Page, About Us page and a Contact page. All you need to provide is photos or graphics and the copy and we’ll get to work building your website. All our sites have been designed using WordPress because it is now used in thirty-four percent of world-wide websites and continues to grow exponentially. WordPress is by far the most flexible design tool and there are also thousands upon thousands of what are called “plugins” that can add every imaginable feature to your website. Many of these are free and we will add these to your website at a very nominal cost depending on the complexity and time involved. Many developers charge upwards of eighty dollars an hour for any changes to your website. We charge twenty dollars.

Another important factor when hiring someone to build your website is that by law developers own the code they create so they are under no obligation to provide it to you. In many cases this means you are in trouble if your developer disappears because you can’t hire someone else to update your site. We provide all the code to you as soon as we have finished building your website.


Many people believe that simply having a Facebook page is enough to reach potential customers but there are some eighty million Facebook pages so that’s not enough. The basic plan will get you started with a web presence but the goal is to have your visitors return to your site often. That means you need features that are interesting to appeal to your visitors.

There are numerous premium templates at extra cost; however, prices have fallen dramatically over the years and some excellent designs are available for as little as twenty dollars. These will be included in the search. The basic package will give you a professional looking website, but having only a three page site is very limiting. If you move to the upgrade plan we search for a more dynamic theme that will add numerous features to your site and increase your website appeal. Adding interactive features such as forums, coupons, a blog and subscriptions will keep your visitors coming back. With this plan you also get free technical support and theme upgrades automatically.

Another critical factor with having a website is that no one will just find your website. There are now 1.5 BILLION websites in the world. Your site needs what are called meta tags which are the most common words people are looking for when searching for something. There’s also what is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which refers to Google indexing your website so that it comes up higher in the searches, the ultimate goal of which is to come up on the first page results. With WordPress we use one of the many plugins to improve search results for your website. Google changes their search algorithms frequently and the plugin tracks the changes.


The ultimate plan that mean no worries for you and no surprise expense. Everything is included with this plan. You get everything in the other plans plus you have automatic updates when you provide new content such as photos or copy. Your site is also backed up regularly. You have full technical support and any upgrades on themes and plugins. You can also talk to us anytime to discuss your website changes. You also get Google Analytics which provides a wealth of information about your visitors.

To enjoy the benefits of this full featured plan you only need to provide a credit card for your monthly fees and you can cancel at any time if you are the least bit unhappy.

Remember that a website alone will not drive customers or clients to your business. You need to promote your website in everything else you do. Business cards. Flyers. Emails. Letterhead. Coupons. Advertising. We can also help with all of that including things like logo design if you want. We’re here to help you grow your business.